You, Empowered, Private Session

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Sessions are live and custom-made, lasting a minimum 60-90 minutes.
If you want more time or want to work on a specific topic we can make arrangements to work up to 240 minutes.
Your empowerment is my goal. Your session is about you.
Note: if we are in the middle of a breakthrough I will never leave the session.

Using all the techniques I have learned to tailor-made this for you, to meet your needs.

I am trained, certified and hold degrees in the field of personal and business development as a leadership coach. business coach, personal coach and Recommended Journey Practitioner amongst others.

The sessions are done over Skype with video (or telephone).
Our sessions are done in a safe space, just between you and me, where no topic is off limits and no judgment is here.
Together we talk and work through whatever needs addressing, we work with what you need, however you need it.
And whatever is not in alignment with the life you want to be living can be addressed and put into positive action. Caution: a brave heart is needed because we can go into the root cause here 🙂

All sessions can also be done live 1-on-1 and on location.

As always, the choice is yours.


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