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My professional career started when I joined the Airforce. As an Officer in Human Resource Management I served for over 10 years. It was an intense experience, with many valuable lessons learned.

During my Airforce days, I continued to study. After the Military Academy, I subsequently earned several bachelor and honorary degrees, amongst others a Bachelor of Science, Human Resource and Labor Market Policy, Bachelor of Public Relations and Communication and a Bachelor in Education.

My work, after retiring from the Airforce, consisted mostly of two elements.
Firstly, Consultancy, with an emphasis on Human Resource and Labor Market Policy and Management topics, writing and executing policy propositions and analysis for businesses, ministries and other governments like the EU-commission.

Secondly Coaching. Since 1996 I have actively engaged in obtaining several coaching degrees in leadership coaching, personal coaching and psychology. One of the methods I love to use is the Journeymethod developed by Brandon Bays. I was trained by Brandon and she certified me as a Recommended Accredited Journey Practitioner in 2005.

And in all that I was consciously ‘asleep’, so life took a turn when I was in a serious car accident in 2010. After the accident, I experienced a profound and renewed spiritual awakening that opened my heart to a completely new understanding of “reality”.

In the accident, my brain got a physical kick in the head, causing all sorts of challenges and changes.
To meet those challenges, I re-booted my brain to regenerate its capacity to store information. The reward was that my “new” brain allowed me to successfully pursue a professional teacher license. As a result, I currently happily spend my time as a part time teacher, teaching and coaching children (and their parents) based on the principles of Maria Montessori’s vision and my own experience of being a mother and a coach.

I have learned through experience, that, through the decisions we make, we have the power to effectively influence our own reality every day.

Conscious and unconscious decisions that form belief systems that run as habitual patterns in our behavior.

The decisions we make about ourselves trigger others to mirror back to us what specific beliefs we are unconsciously creating our reality from.

When you learn to observe your live from this vantage point of view, as I have and continue to consciously practice, you can track those triggers to your beliefs about yourselves and consequently consciously begin to shift them to ones that will serve you and the life you desire.

You each have your own unique story, an active story energetically. When you become dissatisfied with life, you can look at it as a wake-up call to the fact that your core belief system, where your story is rooted, is no longer serving you. It might be time to shift and/or change your system to new beliefs that do support you.

When you learn to change your story, your perception of life changes too.

It is powerful, it is possible if you want it, and as always, the choice is yours.

One of my mentors has been a globally renown Empowerment Facilitator and World Class Channel. I have trained in numerous modalities focusing on the Light Body, Physical Body, Energy Body, Brain functionality and the Unified Field of Consciousness.

To me it is always about our personal awareness and level of consciousness.

Reflecting on my journey so far, I know the journey never really ends, it just becomes consciously connected to all and everything around and within you, a positive ever changing experience. It is, after all, called a journey, not a destination. And you are at the helm.

I am a Conscious Entrepreneur, Coach, Confidant, Teacher and Writer. I am hosting for Espavo in the Netherlands and several boards and I am a member of the core team of parents contributing to Education policies in the city I live in. I write stories that reflective lessons learned of experiences in my own life.

My work is dedicated to empower as many people as possible to master their own personal narrative and energy to create a life they love to live, and by doing so, contribute to assist in making this world a place our grandchildren want to live in.

We are so much more than we think we are.

If you feel the pull to work with me, you can read more about my private sessions here and here. I look forward to meeting you. And I thank you for taking the time to explore here.

Much Love,