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On Coaching

You already know what you love, you already know deep down what it is you would love to do. You already know. And sometimes life gets in the way, or you do. Then what? How do you become a better leader of yourself and than others? How do you get your inside qualities into the outside world you live in? How do you thrive?

My job is to catalyse your process, to help you clear your path, clear it from all obstacles.

As a coach, I provide individuals and organisations with clarity, direction and inspiration in turbulent times of transition & transformation.

I help individuals and systems find their own unique clarity and purpose. I can help you face and overcome emotional, personal or relational challenges.

I created my own unique approach which is founded an a simple truth in life:

Stop be Still and Open your self (#SSO). When you stop, just here in this moment, seek the silence and open into that what is here you get to that place where creation starts.

Here we will stop open and be still, just for a while, slow down a little for you to look at your own wisdom and knowledge. And from that point move forward, let go of all that doesn’t matter anymore or has become obsolete. Let go and go back to your inner self to show your passion to your outer world.

You will see clearly who you are where you want to go and set out a path to get there.

Who came to me up till now?

People from all walks of life, children, man, woman. People with all types of jobs and from all kinds of backgrounds; CEO’s business executive’s, employers, students, teachers, coaches, writers. Humans suffering from mental, emotional or physical pain or persons that  have been given a terminal diagnosis.

Basically everybody who wants to get the best out of their live. I will be able to help you get focus and trust in your own inside qualities and help you create your own miracles.

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Much love