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On Writing

Writing is a calling that pulls at my soul

To me writing is this pouring my soul into words, like people make a photograph and frame a piece of the world, I frame my words into books. I am drawn to use words. It is a way of life. Help spread light in places that seem so dark. Everybody can make a little light in a dark room, just try it. I words to ease the mind, or just activate it. Words to simplify things or to just elaborate.

Words can make a difference. Were a picture may say more than a thousand words it is often the words directly spoken to you that make all the difference in the world.

Words shape, form, evoke emotion, make you laugh or cry, make you sad or happy. Words are the way to you inner sanctum, your inner silence, the place where you come to rest, revive and create.

What do I write?

I write about my observations on human behaviour. Offering you my side, my words, on what I see happening, on a daily basis.

I write custom stories for children and grown-ups.

If you want me to write your story, I will, contact me here.

I write dreamed up stories, fantasy fairytales.

I write about leading steps on how to be your own leader from the inside to the outside .

I love using words to make everything simple and easy to understand. I am always looking for new ways to engage. So, I’ve gathered a series of tips, stories, and other helpful materials on this page to keep you inspired.  Watch this area for publications.

Much love